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Powering Maryland with Offshore Wind

8,500 MW

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Maryland is moving forward with offshore wind.

Offshore wind is a new source of renewable energy for Maryland that will create thousands of new jobs, revitalize manufacturing and maritime activity, and provide Maryland homes and businesses with clean, renewable, and affordable energy.

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Affordable Energy

Why Offshore Wind

Welders. Engineers. Ship Captains.

New Jobs For Maryland

Offshore wind projects are massive undertakings that provide thousands of jobs in dozens of different roles. Marylanders will go to work building and operating the state’s wind projects and Maryland businesses will become integral parts of the emerging U.S. supply chain. Find out how you or your business can get involved today.

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Cleaning the air while keeping the lights on.

Clean Power for Maryland

Cleaning the air while keeping the lights on. Offshore wind will help Maryland achieve its renewable energy goals and generate enough clean energy to power hundreds of thousands of Maryland homes. Learn more about how offshore wind will help Maryland achieve its renewable energy goals.

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Interested in Learning More?

Read more about how offshore wind works, attend our monthly Offshore Wind 101 presentations, or join one of our multi-day business education programs.

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Interested in Joining the Supply Chain?

Supply Components & Services for Offshore Wind Projects

Join the Maryland Supply Chain Connect database and let developers know your business is ready to join the offshore wind industry.

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Maryland’s Offshore Wind Leases

Learn more about each project, when they will be finished, and what the economic benefits will be for Maryland businesses.

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